We Believe…..

In God the Father, Maker of all things, Who is no respecter of persons. We believe in Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son, Who was uniquely anointed to manifest God and to redeem humanity.

That Jesus Christ was essentially African in origin. While Abraham, the father was located in Asia, after hundreds of years in Egypt, Northern Africa – and Canaan – during which obvious assimilation of religion, philosophy, medicine, art, architecture, engineering, etc. occurred, what passed on to Jesus was Africanness.

That in His redemptive work, Jesus, employing different methods, identified with and focused His ministry primarily toward the poor, sick, powerless and rejected.

His Very Person and work (and also His servant in every age) produced an inevitable conflict with societal rules. Jesus’ redeeming work creates a new person, who, in turn, constitutes a new society whose interests values, mores, lifestyles and ethics are/were in direct conflict with systems and rules of this world.

That God the Father, and Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit call, fill, and send human beings of every nationality, gender, class, and age to continue the ministry of Jesus Christ.

That Jesus Christ will come again – as He promised. While it is not absolutely clear what this means, we believe that when Jesus returns, there will be a dramatic supernatural in-break into history; at that point, a new heaven and a new earth will begin in which peace and righteousness will flourish.

That scientific discovery, space exploration and political and economic revolutions are all part of the divine plan in which God, through Jesus Christ, is at work moving all things toward His consummation.

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