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Apparently, the American led sanctions, against North Korea has worked. It is reported North Korea will cease nuclear testing and return to the negotiation table without conditions. Obviously, the Bush administration is patting itself on the back and declaring what great guys they are. It remains to be seen whether North Korea will abide by its reported agreement.

To me, it is always amusing, that a group of nations, having developed nuclear weapons, says to other sovereign nations, “You can’t have them.” What gives one group of nations the right to prevent others from obtaining what said nations already possess? The only answer is power – military and economic power. They can bomb the recalcitrant nation out of existence or economically strangle them to death.

Nations that are threatened with sanctions say, “It is a declaration of war.” It is recorded that as a result of the years of sanctions against Iraq more than 500,000 children died. Somehow, Cuba has been able to survive the sanctions and boycotts imposed by the USA and others. It is important to note that Cuba has not only survived but has provided significant assistance to other nations including the military, education, medical, etc.
Also, these powerful nations, in this instant China, Russia, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea and England abrogate, to themselves, the prerogative to speak and act for all the nations of the world. They usually say a particular nation that acted contrary to their dictate is acting against the wishes of the family of nations or the international community.

Further still, when a nation resists, North Korea, in this instant and says, “I need protection from one of the nations, namely the USA, who is opposed to my developing nuclear possibilities. This nation, the USA, has called our nation, a rogue state and a member of the axis of evil. This nation, USA, preemptively, without justification, bombed, invaded and now occupy one of the member nations labeled ‘axis of evil,’ and they are looking menacingly at another member of said ‘axis of evil’ – that only leaves us. Why shouldn’t we develop whatever weapons we can to defend ourselves?”

Then, when the question is asked of the Bush administration, “Do you intend to bomb North Korea? With a straight face, even with a surprise look, as if anybody could raise a question regarding an attack, the administration becomes indignant that anybody could believe such a thing.
My reason for raising the sanction issue is Darfur. The unspeakable horrors to which Darfarians have been subjected are known throughout the world. Therefore, it is unaccountably negligent, or cowardly or callous for the nations of the world to allow the horrors to continue.

Repeatedly, it has been stated that four hundred thousand people have been killed since 2003. Two and one half millions have been displaced. Rapes, violence, destruction and confiscation of homes and land, even the theft of children are common occurrences.
What are the actions nations can take against the Sudanese government? The three most important are military, divestment and sanctions. The military solution should be the last option. Even the contemplation should be done with great reluctance. At the least, the resolution before the Security Council, which calls for the placing of 22,500 UN troops should be implemented.

The divestment is least stringent but can be effective. This option has great appeal, privately and governmentally. Churches have already begun to divest. Two states, California and New Jersey have passed legislations calling for divestment. Regarding sanctions, what is reported about the effectiveness of sanctions against North Korea forces the question, why not Sudan? I address the question to the USA. Why not organize the powerful nations to threatened and if necessary implement sanctions against the Sudanese government? Why not, at the least, duplicate the effort applied in North Korea? It could be argued that the crisis is comparable, in fact it could be argued that North Korea was, as the time of the sanction, only a potential destroyer but in Darfur destruction is actual – it is happening now!

I say, with all the emphasis I can command, if the Sudanese government will not or cannot prevent the violence and destruction then let the sanctions begin, total and complete sanction. If that doesn’t’ work, then other options must be seriously considered.
I got a feeling that the Darfurian victims don’t care which options are implemented. All they want is a cessation of their suffering and assistance in restoring their lives to normalcy.

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