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Press Statement Upon Return From Chad Africa Part I

On March 18, 2007, we departed U. S. A. We arrived in Chad Monday, March 19 and remained there until Monday, April 2, 2007. We arrived back at JFK on Tuesday, April 3, 2007.

The trip was sponsored by the National Religious Leaders of African Ancestry Concern about Dar-Fur, an organization I, along with other religious leaders founded in 2006, in response to the crisis in Dar-Fur, which the U. N. called the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today and former Secretary of State, Calvin Power has called genocide.

Our organization has engaged on many activities including prayer vigils, press conferences and rallies at the U. N. and Sudanese Mission, community rallies and forums, a 150-mile walk from Brussels, Belgium to the Hague, Netherlands to urge European Union and NATO to take a stronger stand against the Sudanese government and to encourage the International Criminal Court to speed up the indictment of those responsible for the crimes against the Darfurian people.

In addition, on January 15, I along with other ministers of our organization was arrested at the Sudanese Mission. It was my second arrest. Leaders of our organization have met with the Sudanese Deputy Ambassador His Excellency Akec Khoc.

The time of my arrival in Chad was close to perfect as it relates to the Dar-Fur. The leaders of the countries connected to or concerned about the issue and the Darfurian Leaderships had agreed to meet. The Sudan is connected to nine countries.

This made it imperative that a solution be formed for there is the threat of spill over into other nations. Thus engulfing the region.
Gathered were the representatives from the government of Central Republic of Africa, Sudan, Libya, Egypt, Earteria and representative of the Dar-Furian Leadership and of course the president of Chad. His Excellency, President Silwa Kiir, President of the South of Sudan and Vice President of the National Unity government in Khartoum convened the meeting.

The South gained autonomy in 2005. It was agreed the South would have its own president who would be Vice president of the Central Government. The meeting took place in Ndjamena, the capital and Abeche the Eastern most part of Chad and which borders Sudan and close to the refugee camps. It is in Abeche where the rebels come with parts of their army.

Regretfully, the participants did not achieve their goal. There was no solution and there was no unity among the Darfurian leadership.
I spent most of my time among the Dar-Furian leadership. I was given full and free access to the rebel leaders and their soldiers in the bush and I visited the Gaga Refugee Camp, about 40 miles from Abeche. Over 17,000 refugees inhabit this camp.

To be continued
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