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Mother Africa Is Calling - Journey to South Africa - Part V

The purpose of JAH is to build bridges between Africans on the continent and Africans in the Diaspora. This grand idea was conceived in the brilliant mind of Bongoni Sabago whose mother Elizabeth and father David were great friends in the USA during the struggles against apartheid. It is, I am sure you will agree, a noble aspiration. It is a dream that has burned in the hearts of all our ancestors since the days we were torn from each other by evil invaders from foreign shores. Gallant efforts have been made to educate us and inspire us and to unite us. The Organization of African Unity (OAU) and now the African Union (AU), Pan African Congresses, starting at the turn of the twentieth century, many of us here today were at the six Pan African Congress in Tanzania in 1976, the Rev. Robinson’s Crossroad Africa, yes, and there have been successes.

So, in that tradition, standing on the shoulders of great Pan Africanists, Mr. Monroe Trotter, Dr. C. L. R. James, Dr. W. E. B. DuBois, President Segou Toure, Minister Malcolm X, Dr. Edward Blyden, Bishop McNiel Turner and Marcus Garvey, we have thrust upon us this golden opportunity to do our part – to join that illustrious band of Pan Africanists who yearned and worked and struggled and fought and died that we might be one people – one African people. We are challenged to proclaim it from every mountain top, valley, hill, and mole hill, every street, every town, hamlet and village and to proclaim the clarion call of Marcus Garvey, “Africa for the African at home and abroad.” We are one people!

Let us then seize the time. Too long we have been divided, tribe against tribe, color against color, class against class, nation against nation, and while we were fighting each other, our enemies were conquering, exploiting and dehumanizing all of us. We must always remember, stronger is the blood that binds than the water or land and our enemies that separate us.

We cannot let this hour past. Let us bring our offerings, our talents, our skills, our resources, whether large or small, to the coffers of our people – to our African altars and sacrifice them there. Yes, Africa is calling. And so are future generations yet unborn. Sons and daughters of Africa, now is the time!

Is there anyone here who thinks it cannot be done? Who think the enemy is too powerful? The distance that separate us, physical and mental and otherwise, are too far. Let us remember a few years ago the apartheid ruled the country. Now, apartheid is dead and South Africa is free. I could make a progress report of many other areas and many other countries. The words of Bishop Desmond Tutu, which he repeatedly uttered during the heyday of apartheid, “I am addicted to hope.” Let his word be ever uppermost in our minds. Yes, we will unite. We will be one African people. Let me end on another quote from Marcus Garvey, “Up you mighty race, you can accomplish what you will.”

Long live African people everywhere! Long Live the Brooklyn Jazz Consortium!
Long live the Northwest Provence Tourism and Parks Board of Directors!
Long live the Jazz African Heritage!

When I had completed my remarks, I received a standing ovation. Many compliments came to me long after the speech was delivered. I offered gifts to the five top leaders. The gifts consisted of my books on South African Reader, Effectual Prayer, and a CD about our church’s struggle for freedom.

After the program, we went downstairs for dinner. They served lamb, chicken, rice, greens, and carrot, pineapple salad. After dinner, with much fanfare, we started for Mafikeng, the capital of the Northwest Provence. It was a three-hour drive.

P. S. On Saturday, March 17, I will be leaving for Dar-fur Sudan. I will return on Friday, March 23 and be prepared to attend the Rally when I make my report.
To be continued
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