From the election, November 7, 2006, it seems the majority of American people have grown weary of the state of government in general and Mr. Bush in particular. According to one poll, the concerns of the American people were prioritized along this line: Corruption/ethics 42%, Economy 40%, terrorist 39%, Iraq 37%. Mr. Bush’s rating was at its lowest. The people’s frustration and anger were reflected in the change in the political landscape. The Democrats have returned to power in both houses. Two African Americans lost, Harold Ford (D-TN) and Michael S. Steele (R-MD). An African American, Patrick Deval, was elected governor in Massachusetts. It was only the second time in US history. Governor Lawrence Douglas Wilder in Virginia was the first.

Viewed from a religious perspective it is praise worthy that Americans put corruption/ethics at the top of the list of concerns. Surely, God is pleased. It is disturbing however, that Iraq is last on this list. It is disturbing because it means Americans still have not faced the immensity of the suffering and problems that they have created in Iraq. Yes, they have created!

Initially, most Americans supported Mr. Bush’s war ventures. In so doing they are guilty of aiding and abetting in this terrible wrong. Significantly, they have come to see the harm to society when there is pervasive moral decline especially by leaders in high places or those with influence, power and wealth. But they cannot see or refuse to see or to put at the top of their concerns their immoral and unethical involvement in an unprovoked, unjustified war.
It could be that the immorality of an immoral war creates a climate where other immoralities flourish. Generally, where there is a war or where there are armed forces stationed for a long period of time, immorality of every description prevails.

War, the ultimate crime, sin and cruelty in the human family, seem to break down moral restraint and opens a Pandora’s box of excesses which can lead to societal deterioration. Edward Gibbon in his classic book “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire,” attributes familiarity with the gods a significant contributor to the fall of Rome. He wrote, once the Romans brought the gods into their sex orgies there was no longer any higher moral code that could hold the nation together. The Bible says, “Let God be true and every man a liar.” If a society is to exist, it must have morals/ethical standards – right and wrong, truth and falsehood, good and bad, from which laws are enacted and citizens must obey. “You can’t legislate morals,” was pontificated by people who didn’t want to get involved in the Civil Rights Movement or any movement that requires change. “Yes, but you can legislate behavior,” we used to respond. “If a society can’t legislate behavior or control behavior then chaos is around the corner.”

Moreover, to put terrorism and economics above Iraq reveals self centeredness. It says, “I want security and I want material comfort.” Protection and prosperity (PAP) are legitimate desires only when they are placed in the proper contexts of other concerns. It is right and proper to want PAP. But when they are placed above the suffering one has created, then a universal principle has been violated. It isn’t likely one can have PAP, in that situation. The absence of PAP, in the first place, is directly related to the war that has been created. The universal principle is deal first, with sins or failures, then follows forgiveness, reconciliation and even PAP.

One other development that helped to contribute to the corruption/ethics concern was the confession of Rev. Ted Haggard. He was pastor of a fourteen-thousand (14,000) membership at the New Life Church in Colorado Spring Colorado and president of The National of Association of Evangelicals. He confessed to having a same sex affair and using amphetamines. This followed hard on the heels of Congressman Mark Foley’s admission of sexually pursuing Congressional Pages. It is Godly to forgive. My criticism of the Rev. Haggard and his ilk is his superior righteous toward others whose behavior didn’t fit into his moral compass. “Be careful how you judge,” the scripture says, “for with what judgment you judge you shall be judged.”

My other concern is how he described himself and his fall from grace. He made mention of his sin as his “dark side.” The reason why the Reverend thinks his behavior as dark is rooted in Euro Ethnic history and physic. Darkness and blackness are words used to describe what is bad or evil or weak or stupid or cowardly etc. Since Rev. Haggard is white and his male partner is white a more accurate description of his sinful behavior would be whiteness. He should say his sinful behavior reveals his white side.

So deeply in Euro Ethnic history, culture and physic that those who facilely employ blackness to describe badness can’t relate or don’t relate to how people who are black or dark feel. Earlier I wrote that God is Black because theologically, God identifies with those whom the society defines as least. Through the eyes of God black is beautiful.
The End

Human Rights’ Day Prayer & Rally
December 11, 2006

Where: Assemble for Prayer:
11:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
(Isaiah Wall)
East 42nd Street & 1st Avenue NYC
Save Darfur Rally:
Noon – 2:00 p.m.
Dag Hammarskjold Plaza 47th Street & 2nd Avenue, NYC

Attention Clergy: participate in Sabbath on Sudan II. . .in your religious ceremonies on December 8, 9 & 10 we ask that you include reference to Darfur
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