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More Hearings on Police Brutality – Part IV

We have repeatedly said that we are not indicating the entire police department. I believe that I personally enjoy great friendship with some of the members of the police department, both Black and white. There is a standing joke we have, that it seems that all officers associated with us get promoted. I usually ask them, when are they going to start paying tithes?

While we believe, with the Presidential Commission, that America is in fact two societies; one white, one Black, separate but unequal and that the ghetto was a creation of white society; while we believe also, that racism permeates all of the American institutions and for various reasons, especially the police department; we still place policemen in three categories.

There are brutes, the savages and the racists. They are the ones who kill and brutalize and because in most instances they escape punishment and in some instances receive accolades - - the whole police department is held in suspicion.
There are the go alongers. They do not want to rock the boat. They have mortgages to meet and like most human beings, they go along with whatever the program is, especially since, they are the beneficiaries of the system.

There are those who resist; who make waves; who understand the nature of institutional racism. They try to bring some changes. I have been involved in numerous demonstrations, boycotts, protests, sit-ins etc. and I have always seen and felt the presence of friendly policemen.

Several other comments further substantiate the racist character of the abuse of police power.

A Black police officer has never killed a white teenager, yet white officers have killed:

11-year-old Ricky Borden
11-year-old Clifford Glover (the city gave a cash settlement to Mrs. Glover)
14-year-old Claude Reese
15-year-old Randy Evans
15-year-old Jay parker
17-year-old Arturo Reyes
To name of a few.

I wonder what the Irish or Italian or Jewish or Polish people would say if Black officers were killing their children, not to mention men and women.

Black police officers have never killed or abused a white officer by mistake; but white officers have killed and abused Black officers by mistake, they say.

There is even a different treatment of white mentally disturbed persons as compared with the treatment of Black and Latino mentally disturbed persons. For example, Willie Harper was killed when police claimed he reached for another officer’s gun.

Luis Baez was shot 21 times by police officers who had been summoned by his mother.
I don’t recall white mentally disturbed persons being killed.

The fact of the matter is that white citizens are just not killed by the police unless it is in some way related to criminal behavior.

Another example of this overkill occurred in August 1979, a week or so after the Baez killing. This time it was a woman, Elizabeth Mangum. The policeman who killed her said she had a knife. So he shot her - - not one or two times in the leg or arm - - but five times, killing her.

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