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From New Jersey, to New York to Georgia,
to Virginia, But Barclay Bank Still on My Mind – Part II

I met Herbert Robinson with whom I had corresponded. He was a huge man. Obviously, he had devoted a lot of time to body building. He has been in jail twenty-three years. He was to sentenced life plus three hundred years. His crime was burglary. He had no prior arrest. “What a cruel injustice!” I thought to myself.

I spoke to the population in two facilities, about two hundred men in each. Significantly, I did not see many youths, although, I was told there were a lot of them there. The worship consisted of music, singers and a band. There were testimonies and a sermon or speech.

My topic was The God of Another Chance. A man named the Reverend John Lawrence preached that sermon to inmates in the state prison at Trenton, New Jersey in 1954. It made powerful impact. He said, “I’m here to tell you about the God of another chance. I’m not talking about God of a first or second chance. We have used up all those chances. But I’m talking of the God of another chance. You got another chance.” The sermon that I preached had the same effect on these men as it had had along time ago.

Also, I told them if anybody should ask how I felt about them they should answer, that I came all the way from New York to see them, that I tutored Dr. Rodney and encouraged her in prison work. Then, I enthusiastically approved of my eldest daughter, Leah, coming here, to this place, last month. On top of all that, I was absent from my church and then I missed most of the championship football games. I wait all year for these games. This year two Black coaches, Lovie Smith, Chicago Bears, and Tony Dungy, Indianapolis Colts, were each vying to win the championship in their individual league. So, there is a possibility of having two Black coaches in the Super Bowl. If they lost, I told them, because being with them prevented my helping Smith and Dungy to coach, I will blame them. As it turned out, they both won. History was made! Never had a Black head coach led a team to the Super Bowl. Now there were two. So, a Black coach will take his team to victory in the coming big game.

I returned to the hotel, saw almost the second half of the Colts’ game, part of which, I did during an interview on WLIB at 10:00 p.m. I was interviewed on WLIB by Gary (Imotep) Byrd. We, Reverend Cheryl Williams and I were being interviewed on our arrests at the Sudanese Mission and the situation in Darfur. I told Imotep and the listeners I was watching the game. Imotep was as interested as I in the game’s outcome. I was able to pronounce on the program the good news that the Colts had won. The Chicago Bears had won earlier in the day.

I returned to New York Sunday morning and went immediately to the church. I started doing office work, which was more challenging by the added work load due to my absence. In the evening my wife and I went to Terry McAuliffe’s book party convened by former President Bill Clinton. More than a thousand people crowded into Four Seasons Restaurant on E. 52nd Street. I met Terry McAuliffe many many years ago during his tenure as chairman of the National Democratic Party. My daughter, Leah, was his Chief of Staff. I was pleased to see that he mentioned her in his book. He was always friendly and jovial. He treated me with the highest respect. In the vestibule, we embraced each other and inquired about our families. He seemed especially happy this night. He demonstrated what he had written in his book, … “I’ve always taken the view that if you are going to get in the arena and fight for what you believe you might as well have fun doing it. You’ve got to keep people laughing, even when you’re also hoping to make them think and to inspire them to action.” After McAuliffe had made his speech, he introduced Bill Clinton. The former president had a lot of glowing things to say about McAuliffe. He did an excellent job of promoting McAuliffe’s book.

Rev. Sharpton was also present at the party. We greeted each other as my wife and I were leaving. While driving home, I reflected on the last several days. What a whirl wind it had been and yet it is the story of my life, exciting, adventurous and challenging … finally I went to bed with Barclay Bank on my mind.============================================================
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