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Rosie and Donald - Down and Dirty

On Tuesday, January 16, Donald Trump, the bigger than life business mogul, added to his fame and achievement, a Hollywood pavement star for his TV program, The Apprentice. But, all of the “pomp and circumstance” could not quell the heated, expanding feud that started with Rosie’s comment on Barbara Walter’s TV show and now has engulfed Ms. Walter.

It seems that during the feud with Rosie, Mr. Trump quoted Ms. Walters as saying some negative things about Rosie which brought Barbara into the picture denying Donald’s quote. She called Mr. Trump a “poor, pathetic man.” This feud conjured up in my mind and exchange I had with Mr. Trump. But first for those who have had a “Rip Van Winkle” experience or for whatever reasons have missed the Donny Brook.

On the said program, Rosie made a mockery of Donald Trump’s giving Miss. USA, Tara Conner, a second chance. It seems, Miss. USA, haling from a small town in Kentucky became enthralled by the bright lights of New York or something and took to partying and boozing. Mr. Trump, who controls a part (knowing Mr. Trump, it had to be the lion’s share) of Miss Universe Organization, took matters into his own hands and decided, against the wolf pack who wanted Miss USA removed, to be merciful. She could keep her crown but she had to enter a rehab place.
Rosie thought Donald was hypercritical. How could he be a moral compass? He had divorced two wives, on each occasion, while having affairs with other women, producing two children. (Rosie wasn’t clear who produced the children. Maybe she wanted to be vague.) She questioned his business acumen. She said he had been bankrupted several times. During part of her performance, she threw her hair aside, mocking Donald’s hair style; she distorted her face, twisted her lips and mimicked Mr. Trump, all with supercilious airs. Her panelists and audience shrieked and screamed with laughter.

On various programs the Donald struck back. He called Rosie “a fat slob.” She looked bad on the inside and worst on the outside. He said she was a loser. She was thrown off her TV program because her ratings plummeted and her magazine crashed leaving behind lawsuits. He said he was going to sue her because she lied. He never filed for bankruptcy. He was worth billions. He said he would like to take some money out of her “fat ass” pockets.
In the next program, Rosie accompanied by her girlfriend was significantly subdued. She refused a request to sling her hair to the side as she had done before. She did make an obvious reference to sex escapades. She said she brought her girlfriend along because she did not want some creep to steal her. She said the answer to Trump was, she distorted her face again this time with a silly disdainful look.

The Donald fired back again saying Rosie brought her girlfriend because she needed support. Rosie has had many girlfriends. But nobody likes her, not even Barbara Walters, the producer of the show. Barbara told him that in a private conversation. He still called Rosie a disaster. He took note of Rosie’s quieter decorum. He said she was a bully and when you hit a bully between the eyes they leave you alone. Yes, he still plans to sue. He hated liars and Rosie lied on him.

Back in 1989, a white woman was beaten and raped in Central Park a number of Harlem teens were arrested and sentenced to jail. Subsequently, they were found innocent and released. Mr. Trump was furious regarding the rape. He took out a full page ad in the New York Times, blasting the youths calling them animals. During the same time a Black woman was raped and thrown off the roof on Lincoln Place, Brooklyn, NY. Very little was said about it in the white media. I visited her, prayed and counseled and helped her back to normalcy.

On a TV show, Positively Black, I criticized Mr. Trump for his attack on the youngsters. Mr. Trump told Gus Henningburg, the TV host, he understood my criticism but was disappointed that I had not mentioned the good things he had done. Henningburg told me about the conversation he had with Mr. Trump. I immediately wrote Mr. Trump, apologizing. I believe that he was correct. I should have stated the positives things he had done. Mr. Trump wrote me back, expressing his appreciation for my apology and honesty. He gratuitously offered to pay the Brooklyn rape victim hospital bill which came to more than forty thousand dollars. The End

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