Our Mission….

Is to apply the gospel of Jesus Christ in a holistic synthesis of progressive spiritual and social action, including:

  • Personal salvation through Jesus Christ, the filling and indwelling of the Holy Ghost, healing for the body and mind, high moral and ethical disciplines, and the return of Jesus Christ.

  • A struggle against all forms of oppression and exploitation which often is manifested as racism, sexism and classism.

  • A struggle for human rights and self-determination for all people.

To implement this holistic approach, our ministries are:

Interceeding with God through prayer, fasting, rituals and ceremonies.

Providing healing, counseling and direction.

Critiquing society from a Biblical perspective which places God on the side of the oppressed, exploited and impoverished.

Teaching not only the great Truth of Scripture, but also secular History particularly the truths related to oppressed people’s contribution to humankind.

Developing educational, cultural, social and economic programs and institutions.

Creating and/or participating in the creation of organizations, and/or conditions which employ various actions to achieve human fulfillment.


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