Our History

Around 1924, Alonzo Austin Daughtry (1885-1952) came under the influence of Bishop Marcelino de Grace, commonly called Bishop Grace or “Sweet Daddy Grace,” founder of The House of Prayer for All People. Alonzo was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost, and in the latter part of the same year, he felt the call to the Ministry.

In 1927, Alonzo was sent to Augusta to Pastor The House of Prayer there. Through his ministry, multitudes were saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. But with the growth of The House of Prayer across the country, there emerged a tendency to exalt Bishop Grace above that which was normal. At a 1929 service, reading from II Corinthians 1:12-15, Daughtry tried to correct this tendency while it was still in its early stages. His lesson centered around the Lordship of Jesus Christ and not ascribing to any man divine prerogatives or positions. There were those who felt that Daughtry had committed the unpardonable sin by questioning the authority of Bishop Grace, but there were others who shared his concern. Together, they left The House of Prayer and founded The House of the Lord on the Mount.

In 1930, the church was incorporated and the congregation purchased land at the corner of Tenth and Perry Streets in Augusta, Georgia. God blessed the Church wonderfully so that it grew, and spread to neighboring cities. Around 1942, Bishop Daughtry came north and founded churches in Harlem and Brooklyn, New York.

In 1952, a desperately ill Alonzo placed the responsibility of the Church in the hands of Elder Inez Conry (1897-1977), whom he had ordained a few years earlier. Elder Conry served as our National Presiding Minister for eight years.

In 1958, in fulfillment of his father’s prophesy, Herbert Daniel Daughtry (1931 - ), the fourth son of Bishop Alonzo Daughtry was ordained and installed as Pastor of the Brooklyn Church. Approximately one year later, he became the Church’s third National Presiding Minister, in which capacity he still serves. During his tenure, the Church has established congregations in various cities and areas including Bergen County, New Jersey.

In 2001, Dawnique Dakeba Daughtry-Pemberton, the third and youngest daughter of Pastor Herbert Daughtry organized a bible study with several members of The House of the Lord who lived in the Bergen County, New Jersey area. After one year, the Bergen County Bible study was designated as a House of the Lord Mission.

In October of 2003, during the Annual Holy Convocation, Reverend Pemberton and the members of the Bergen County Mission petitioned and were granted church status by the National Church.

In October 2004, The House of the Lord, Bergen County was incorporated in the State of New Jersey.

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