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" Part IV: Another Memorable Week in the Life of An Activist Pastor "


One more reference I want to make to NBUF. It is excerpts from a speech I delivered at the 3rd Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. I proudly expressed our progress and our accomplishments:

“The Black Nation-Genocide or Liberation”
(Message from our Chairperson)

As the National Black United Front approaches its Third Convention, July 22-26, 1982, we can look back over the struggles of the past year with pride.

On the local level, the National Black United Front has continued to expand and deepen. We have developed the capacity to be viable and versatile, as we approached the oppressive conditions to which our people have been subjected:

We have conducted forums, seminars, workshops, and conferences.
We have marched, demonstrated, boycotted, and protested.
We have engaged in electoral politics.
We have developed programs on housing, jobs, etc

On the national level, the National Black United Front implemented its one year
Program of Action – Campaign of Unity Against Genocide, adopted at the Second Convention. On October 31, 1981, the campaign began and culminated on April 3, 1982. Various programs and actions were developed and implemented by local chapters.

On the international level, the National Black United Front continued to answer
the call from governmental and non-governmental organizations to participate in Anniversaries, Study Programs and Conferences.

Indeed, when we look back over the past year, we can give ourselves a well-deserved pat on the back. Looking ahead, we will need all the encouragement we can summon. The Septuagenarian who now inhabits the White House has clearly shown his anti-Black, anti-poor face.

His “rich take the meat, and the poor take the bones,” economic policies. Even his Office of Management and Budget Director, David Stockman, admitted as much.

His racism regarding “Social Legislation” against the Voters Rights Bill, against Busing; and on the other hand, his support for racist schools desiring tax exemption status.

His anti-Third World foreign policy, support for repressive, racist regimes, the military Junta in El Salvador, Guatemala, Chile, and the Apartheid Regime in South Africa. No President in recent times has been as open and blatant in support of South Africa as this Septuagenarian.

His opposition to third-world progressive countries Angola, Grenada, Nicaragua, and Cuba.
When we survey the foreign and domestic policies of the Septuagenarian, we are
convinced that not since the days of Post-Reconstruction have we been confronted with such a threat to our survival.
Let us be ever mindful of the gravity and fierce urgency of the hour. Awesome responsibilities have been thrust upon us. Towering tasks await us. The shape of the present and future depend upon what we do. Therefore, it is imperative that we be in Atlanta and prepare to rise to the occasion. Let us meet as brothers and sisters, to debate and deliberate, to put forth our resolutions, to plan and program for the future, to reflect on the greatness of our history, and to celebrate our rich and timeless culture.

We must plumb the depth within our race/soul and draw upon the strength, courage, and wisdom of the Masais, Maroon, Shaka, Toussaint, Denmark, Marcus, Paul, Malcolm and Martin… We must forge the strongest bond of people hood, always confident that the “Future Is Ours”… Cognizant of the fact that the beast fights hardest because he is fatally wounded… But, “Victory Is Ours.”

Forward together, Backward never.
Rev. Herbert Daughtry
National Black United Front

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