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Alas, Poor Vick, In A World of Hypocrisy

Michael Vick, the $130 million dollar quarterback of the Atlanta Falcon’s football team, in a plea bargain, admitted to staging dog fights and killing dogs. Prosecution will recommend 12 to 18 months in jail. The judge will have the final say. He could get up to 12 years. Almost unanimously, Vick is condemned. Radio and TV hosts, who are supposed to maintain objectivity and remain expressionless, visibly cringe when reporting on Vick’s behavior.

My emotions run from sorrow, to amusement, to incredulity to irritation. I’m sorry for all animals. I’m sorry for Vick, that he has allowed himself to participate in this bloody, illegal venture. I’m sorry too for the hypocrites that condemn him. I’m amused and incredulous and irritated by the hypocrisy and inconsistency that pervades the world.

Let me be crystal clear, I’m not excusing Vick’s behavior. What I am highlighting is the selectivity at which laws can be broken and animals can be killed with impunity. The society gives trophies to animal killers who kill certain animals when and where said society prescribes. We applaud and give sanctuary to some law breakers, i.e. immigration law breakers. I don’t think any animals should be killed for sport or food.

Personally, I don’t like taking the life of any creature. In my house, I live by a covenant with creation, “All living things are welcome in my house, if they don’t come to stay, harm or contaminate.” I thank God daily for directing me to a vegan lifestyle or eating habit. I do not desire any animal flesh or any product from an animal. I have nothing but distain for people who kill for sport. And that include fishing. I think it is the ultimate cowardliness and cruelty for two-legged animals (homosepien) to invade the habitat of other animals with the most sophisticated, high-powered telescopic, technically advanced weapons and kill just for the thrill of killing. Then boast about it, bring the skin, head and all, home and put it on the wall and/or floor and proudly show it off to all who can bear the gruesome site and endure the bloody story that usually accompany the display, and they call it, sport or game. I wonder how the animals would define the hunter’s action.

I’ve seen hunters, after killing a helpless animal, put the poor creature on the back of their vehicles and drive for miles, smiling, waving and nodding at passersby, stumping their chests and flexing their muscles. Thereby announcing to the world, “What great guys we are,” and, most of the onlookers cheering them on waving fits of admiration. Big deal! These killers, killed helpless animals, and only a few people show disgust and/or give thumbs down or some other sign of revulsion.

Now, when we are not killing them for fun, we are killing them for food. It is not that we need to kill for food, as other animals do. There is enough food stuff around to keep us healthy all of our lives, which probably, would be much longer.

I am convenience that if we eat four-legged animals we will eat two-legged animals or each other. It’s a matter of developing a taste or being trained to eat animals. The story is told of four men who escaped from a prison in the jungle. After a long period of time without food, with no animals around, they began to turn on each other and eat each other. Finally, the remaining prisoner was captured and returned to prison. After a while, he convinced a couple of other prisoners to try another escape. They succeeded with their plan. But again the same experience. Without food they turned on each other. The remaining prisoner was the same who had outlasted the others before. But here is the startling truth, there were animals around that could have been killed for food. It was suggested that the remaining prisoner had developed a taste for human flesh.

I am deeply troubled when I see little babies being fed dead animals. They are being trained to develop the taste for dead flesh. They will suffer all of the diseases attended thereto, not the least of which is a tendency toward violence. So, we have developed the most scientific method of raising animals to be killed, granted, in most instances, to satisfy our taste buds. Is there any wonder why there is such violence in the world, when the bellies of most two-legged animals or homosapien are the graveyards for countless animals. And to repeat, we raise our children with the same blood-thirsty desire, and we are surprised when they exhibit our violent behavior.

Nor or fishermen any better. They invade the waters of sea creatures for sport. Similar to the hunter, when they make a catch of a huge creature, they bring them home or put them on the side of their boats. There are photo sessions, press conferences and parties to celebrate. They want to show off and bask in their phenomenal achievement. What a thing! Glorying in the capture or killing of a fish. So irresistible is this drive to kill fish that these fishermen will risk fines and jails to fish in waters or areas clearly marked, “Forbidden” or “Violators Will Be Punished.” I guess these killers of water animals justify their murderous behavior by referring to their stomachs. They, at least eat all (sometimes) or a part of what they kill.

So, off to jail Vick will go to the satisfaction of most people. While bull fighters continue to prance and pirouette until he rams his steel blade into an already weaken animal from previous inflicted wombs, and millions will cheer widely at the killing of the dying animal, and, the fancy attired killer, will be awarded his nation’s highest award. And hunters will continue to stark the habitats of innocent, harmless animals in their habitats, and proudly put the carcasses on display in their homes, to the praise and delight of family and friends. And the society will continue to call these killers sports-men and women, and the poor creatures they’ve killed are called “game.” Witness the safari delegation of 30 or more, off to Africa to kill animals. Leaving the animal wounded and dying, returning home boasting of their killing expedition.

Fishermen will continue to seek creatures in the water ways of the world, throwing hooks and what nots into the waters, trapping, killing and dragging sea creatures from the waters. And if there is a multitude of fish caught or the fish is big enough, there are parties with plenty of beer, liquor and other stimulants, dancing etc. Oh yeah, there will be citations or medals given to the great fishermen.

And while Vick is doing time, there will still occupy conversations will continue around dinner tables and restaurants, while eating huge chucks of dead animals, some with the blood still visible, or raw fish, or fish with bugling eyes, staring back at the lip-smacking consumer – oh, and surely they will comment on what a terrible person Vick is.

And there will continue to be applauds and praises for those who have developed butchering skills – After all the animals have to be slaughtered. They don’t call places where animals are cut to pieces, slaughterhouses because they are house of pleasure. Every meat eater and Vick critic need to spend a day in a slaughterhouse, after tracking animals from the time they have been selected for the kill and for our stomachs.

And while Vick is incarcerated, during the Thanksgiving and/or Christmas seasons, families will gather around dead birds with their inners ripped out (sometimes eaten as specialties) and packed with a lot of small pieces of bread and meat, (just can’t get enough of dead animals bodies) and what nots, called “stuffing.” Proudly the Craver steps forward, with a huge, keenly sharpened knife in his hand and commence skillfully cutting slices from the dead bird carcass while applauds and adulations greets his handiwork. Then ravenously, the dead thing is consumed. “What a cruel man that Vick!” Image raising and training these poor dogs to fight even on his own property and killing them when they were too wounded to continue to fight! What a horrible man!” “Past me another chicken leg,” “make my steak rare,” “let the fish be raw, sushi style,” and the conversation continues.

And while Vick still behind bars, lovely ladies and well-groomed gentlemen will denounce Vicks behavior, while wrapped in furs and skins and hides of slaughtered animals. And while Vick is still doing time, the leaders of the nation will express horror at Vicks actions, while sending young men and women off to kill other young men and women and to destroy animals, properties and land. “You hypocrites first cast the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly how to cast the plank out of your brother’s eye,” says Jesus. The Buddha says, “When a man has pity on all living creatures, then only is he noble.”

May God have mercy on us all!

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