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Good News - Bad News

The good news is we have received word from our shipping company in the USA that the material support headed to the Darfur refugee camp has arrived in Douala, Cameroon. The shipment has been processed and should be leaving for N’djamena, the capital of Chad, by the time you read this article. Then it will take another 10 days or so over land to reach N’djamena. Once there, it will go through the bureaucracies. It is 800 miles from N’djamena to Abeja, Chad, and 30 miles from Abeja to the refugee camp in Gaga, Chad. Our advance person is there to guarantee that everything goes smoothly.

We have shipped 700 boxes weighing 1800 pounds in a 40ft container. This remarkable achievement is all the more impressive when it is remembered that this was done in a two-month period, from the beginning of May to the end of July, primarily, a grassroots effort. It is an extraordinary demonstration of concern and generosity.

Another consideration that makes this effort even more remarkable is that it was accomplished in spite of all of the crises we face here in the USA.

Again and again, on behalf of the Darfurian people and people of goodwill everywhere, I want to thank all those who supported this effort. However, we still need your support. The cost of the shipment was approximately $23,000. In addition, we need your volunteer help. Any help you can provide – from working with computers, helping with literature preparation and distribution, telephone calling, transportation, vehicle or driving, etc. Even your presence at our meetings and organizing efforts, would be appreciated. We would love to have you join our organization. For information on how to accomplish any of these objectives, please call the House of the Lord Church at (718) 596-1991 or (718) 797-2184.

As a reminder to you and for those who may not know, according to the United Nations, “The suffering in Darfur, Sudan, has been described as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today. All reliable accounts consider it a campaign of genocide, which, since its beginnings in 2003, has resulted in over 200,000 to 400,000 deaths, an estimated 2.5 million persons have been displaced and hundred of thousands are refugees in foreign countries. Others have suffered rape, maiming, enslavement, destruction of and confiscation of properties.” And as I have previously stated, “This conflict is blight on the human landscape and its horrors will continue until there is outside intervention.”

Another piece of good news, however, Bishop Tutu, along with some of the African elders, with the blessings of Nelson Mandela, is headed for Darfur. Hopefully, they will have a meaningful impact. They will be meeting with the various leaders to encourage an end to the violence.

On the bad news side, the United Nations has reported that the violence has increased and has issued a call to the Bashir government in Sudan, who, it is believed, is supporting the militia that is responsible for the violence, to decease from its involvement with the militia. There is a meeting scheduled for October 27, 2007, in Libya, North Africa, where Darfurian rebel leaders, who have been waging a war since 2003, will meet with the Sudan government and regional governmental leaders. Sudan is the largest African country and it is bordered by nine other countries.

Historically, in a war, when there is a scheduled meeting to arrive at a settlement, violence is increased as warring factions attempt to increase their bargaining position by getting more land or more resources or more of something.

As I before stated, “There are three challenges to the crises in Darfur: 1) is to establish peace; 2) is humanitarian aid; and, 3) is for the rebels to unite and negotiate a settlement with the Sudanese government that would bring peace and prosperity to the entire region.” If that could be achieved, perhaps it could be a model for all of Africa.

On Thursday, September 20th, we celebrated our 50th consecutive organizing meeting. We have recorded minutes and attendance for every meeting. And, on Thursday, October 18th, we will celebrate our 1st anniversary. The membership and those who have regularly attended our meetings are to be commended.

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