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Darfur Diary: Children-to-Children

Friday, April 11, 2008, I attended PS 20 on Adelphia Street in Brooklyn, NY. The program was a Children-to-Children Program organized by Mrs. Alisa Clarke. Her organization has developed a foundation called Greeteez. It is a program that is designed to communicate with children primarily across the global. She has designed a special T-Shirt of various colors, with a white space in the center. This space is utilized to send messages in words or artistry. The artwork cannot be erased. There is a package that comes with the T-Shirt and a magic marker that retails for $35.

According to material disseminated by Mrs. Clarke, Greeteez is the apparel line that makes everyone an artist. Each design kit comes with all you need to get started. A pre-designed, boutique quality t-shirt, a sharpie brand marker, hand cut stencils and custom envelops, just in case you need to mail your design. With a name that is half greeting and half clothing, Greeteez is about invoking a feeling and wearing it. Greeteez is the ultimate keepsake, complete with pattern; pending proprietary technology that ensures whatever is written on the design area will be preserved wash after wash. The only thing that might last longer is your love. Greeteez are available in an array of colors and sizes, ranging from infants to adults. For more information, please visit

The program starts with children selected one class at a time. Mrs. Clarke goes through and educational exercise. She ask children where is Africa? Where is Sudan? Have you heard of Darfur? What are refugees? And what words of encouragement would you like to send to children in refugee camps? She asked the children to come up to the desk and identify Africa, Sudan and Darfur on the globe.

The children are given the t-shirts and magic markers to send their messages in words and/or artwork. Eagerly, they went to work, chattering, giggling, and sharing ideas and artistry. When the labor is done, the children are asked to come forward and explain what they have done or the message they are sending.

To say it is a marvelous program is a gigantic understatement. There are many educational and inspirational aspects to the program:

It is educational – it teaches about the world and its people.
It is magnanimous or empathetic – it teaches or develops within the children concern for others.
It is action oriented – it teaches acting on our belief.
Personal power – it teaches how one can make a difference in the world.
It is far-reaching – it has the potential to impact generations to come.

I remember a statement that my wife uses often regarding the power of one. She says,

“I am only one, but still I am one,
I can not do everything, but I can do something,
And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do what I can do,
For there is no one else quite like me, and I can make a difference, with God’s help.”

When I was asked to address the children, I commended Mrs. Clarke and her husband, Miguel, who handles public relations. Especially, I praised the children. I sited the UN statement, which describes the situation in Darfur as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today. Reliable accounts consider it a campaign of genocide, which since its beginnings in 2003 has resulted in over 200 to 400,000 deaths, an estimated 2.5 million refugees forced to flee the country and others who have suffered rape, maiming, enslavement, destruction of and confiscation of properties. I related my experience carrying material goods to the children in the refugee camps, how grateful they were.

I told them I would personally deliver the t-shirts, film the effort and show the film to them when I return. I emphasized that they will surely encourage some of the children to whom they are sending the t-shirts, and who knows, they may one day meet the children to whom they are sending the t-shirt. It may be you and/or they will become world famous and talk about their program. Finally, I told them when all research have confirmed. The people who give themselves to a noble cause or do good things for others are the happiest people in the world. I urged them to continue being concerned about others and doing good things for others. And they will be happy and blessed.

I left the school exhilarated about what I had seen. I saw the limitless potential of the program. I saw that it could reach generations to come and really make a major difference in the world today and tomorrow.

My wife, Dr. Karen S. Daughtry, had a sneaker program years ago. It was during the apartheid years in South Africa. She conceived a children sneaker program. Children were asked to send sneakers to children of South Africa, with a message and their pictures on the side of the sneaker. It was a phenomenal success.

Immediately, I started planning my next trip to the refugee camp. I hope to return by the end of June. Mrs. Clarke has said she will contribute 300 to 400 t-shirts. We will have to raise the money to buy more shirts. And, we will have to get money for transportation for persons and t-shirts. If you care to help you can call (718) 596-1991 or (718) 797-2184. Our organization, NRLAA, had agreed to adopt this program as another effort to address the crises in Darfur.

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