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Over the weekend 11/23-25/07, family and friends gathered to remember Sean E. Bell. The first vigil was Friday night (11/23/07) 7pm to 8pm, 168th Street between Jamaica Avenue and 90th Street. After the 50-day vigil in 2006, there have been monthly vigils on the 23rd of each month.

I was the first to arrive. Then came Mr. & Mrs. Bell. Slowly, the supporters increased, reaching about 75 to 100 persons. We stood in front of the canvas on which a picture of Sean was drawn. On the ground were six burning candles, two large and four small. “The large represent Mr. Bell and me. The smaller ones represent our children.” Ms. Bell explained.

Mr. Bell opened the ceremony. He asked me to pray. Then he thanked supporters and vowed to continue the vigil. Mrs. Bell gave out two sheets of paper stapled together. On the front sheet was written:

“Thank you.” Our son will never be forgotten…
Your bleeding hearts and selfless efforts of support
Has confirmed this to our hearts.
Thank you for suffering with us,
Crying with us,
Fighting for change with us
And keeping vigil with us
In the hope that
This will NEVER EVER happen again.

On the second page was a picture of Sean with the words:
One Year Later…
The day we will never forget…
The one who will always be in our hearts…
Sean Elijah Bell

After Mr. & Mrs. Bell, I was the first to speak. I praised the family for their courage and perseverance. “Surely, Sean is proud of you,” I said. “You have been an example to all who have known the pain that you are suffering now. I have recently returned from the Darfurian refugee camp in Chad, Central Africa, and due to your determined efforts, people know about Sean. So, Sean continues to live in the influence that has spread abroad.”

There were other speakers. All of them promised to continue the vigil. On colorful paper with pictures of Sean and angels, Ms. Charmayne E. Roberts, wrote a letter in the name of Sean. It said, “Dear Family and Friends; Please be advised, I have moved. I received a call from God, the Chief Architect, that early Saturday morning. He informed me that my new home is now complete. Saturday morning, November 25, 2006, He let me know that my mansion is now complete and that I can move in. He told me my address has changed! Well my new home is finish and what a site to behold! It is located on an exclusive estate behind a beautiful pearly gate.... Before I go, though, let me give you my new address:

Sean Elijah Bell
777 Glorious Path
Godstown, Heaven”

Mr. Les Paultre, the father of Nicole Bell, spoke. He made reference to the chill in the air. He said, “It really isn’t cold out here. What is cold is the death of Sean. The way he was killed is cold. That’s what’s cold, not the weather.”

Mr. Neville, the family attorney, urged people to be at court on February 4, 2008, scheduled date, the trial begins. There were two children singing groups. “Pass Me Not O’ Gentle Savior Hear My Humble Cry, Do Not Pass Me Bye,” and the other song, “I Can Fly.” After libation, I concluded with remarks and benediction. During most of the ceremony, Mrs. Bell, visibly and audibly, wept in her husband’s arms.

The ceremony lasted for 11⁄2-hours. After sharing hugs and pats on the back, I started homeward. Like a movie camera, across the screen of my mind came the images of other police killings and weeping loved ones. I whispered a question to God, “How long oh Lord, how long?” How long before the police stop killing our people. How long will violence continue in the land? How long before justice roll down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream? How long before there will be peace in the valley? How long before the mountains will be brought low and the crooked places made smooth and the glory of the Lord be revealed and all flesh shall see it together? This is what you have promised. How long? How long?”

To be continued…

(By the time this article is published, I will have departed for Oberlin, Ohio, for a series of lectures and meetings on Darfur. On Sunday morning, 12/2/08, I will leave for Juba, Sudan. I have been invited to the celebration of the Unification of the Darfurian Leadership. I hope to return on the 11th. On Thursday, 12/13/07, at 7pm, I will be making a report to the community on my trip to Sudan in the Timbuktu Learning Center, held at the House of the Lord Church.)

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